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Terms and Conditions


Pricing & Payment

Information regarding our price lists, advertisements, and/or any offers and on any information on our website is
always subject to change without prior notice.
Prices are valid as stated at the time when the order is made.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices are given as gross price, i.e. inclusive of the legal value added tax.

Payment occurs by means of PayPal with a credit card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard).
A link where the photos can be downloaded will be sent to your email address  provided only when the amount stated
during the purchase of the photos has been fully cleared.
The name that appears on your buyer's credit card statement  is: PAYPAL*SKICLUBLARN

Shipping & Delivery

A photo can be downloaded as soon as the payment of the money is cleared.
In a case you face a problem during download and/or the link provided to you is dead, please contact us at

Privacy & Security

It goes without saying that any data the buyer gives to the seller before and/or during and/or after the
transaction are and will be are treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

It is agreed that Cyprus law applies for all conflicts resulting from or related to the business relationship.
The place of jurisdiction for all conflicts resulting from or related to the business relationship is Nicosia, Cyprus.